FAQ Jiran Residensi

1.   How can I apply for a unit?
Application can be made by filling up Borang PN1 at Kaunter Perumahan, Level 3, Komtar.

2.   How do I know if my application is successful?
Bahagian Perumahan and the developer will inform the successful applicants by mail.

3.   What land title is this property?
This is a leasehold property with a 99-year lease period.

4.   What is the purchase price of a Low Medium and Medium Cost unit?
Low Medium Cost units are priced at RM72,500.00 while Medium Cost units are priced at RM200,000.00 and RM250,000.00.

5.   What are the procedures involved if I am successful?
You are required to apply for a bank loan and upon loan approval, the Sale & Purchase Agreement will be available for signing after a 10% payment of the purchase price is made.

6.   What are the fees involved in the purchase of the house?
You are required to pay the necessary legal fees to the lawyer.

7.   Can I appoint my own lawyer?

8.   Am I allowed to choose my preferred unit?
No, all units are allocated through balloting.

9.   Can successful applicants change names to their spouses, parents or siblings?
Subject to approval from Bahagian Perumahan, successful applicants may request for name change to their spouses or parents. Name changes to siblings are not permitted.

10.   Can I sell my unit ?
Subject to approval from Bahagian Perumahan, Low Medium Cost units can be sold after 10 years and Medium Cost units after 5 years upon signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

11.   Will I get a refund if I cancel my purchase?
No, 10% from the purchase price will be forfeited.

12.   Upon issuance of the Certificate of Completion and Compliance will I need consent/approval from the developer to carry out renovations?
Yes, you are required to get an approval from the developer and a renovation deposit is to be paid (sum to be determined) prior to carrying out any renovation.

13.   How long is the Defects Liability Period?
24 months upon Vacant Possession.

14.   What happens if the developer delays handing over of key?
You will be paid liquidated damages accordingly as stipulated in clause 25 (2) of the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

15.   If there is an interest charged, what happens if I do not make the payment?
Keys will not be released until full payment is made.

16.   When is the expected completion date?
36 months upon signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement.